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Jackson is an actor, writer and teaching artist.  He grew up in central New Jersey, studied political science at Rutgers University, and trained as an actor at the Yale School of Drama.  

Since graduating from Yale in 2013, he's been working steadily in theater, tv and film, and as a voiceover artist.  Most recently, he can be seen in season 2 of The Deuce on HBO. 

Jackson began his career in education, first as a teacher's assistant in a special education classroom in a New Jersey public school, and then as a teaching artist for arts organizations in the New York area.  He currently teaches at HB Studios in New York.

Passionate about education and healthcare, he is a community volunteer with the National Alliance on Mental Illness in New York City.  He is also an avid runner and is fundraising for NAMI this summer and fall as he trains for the 2018 NYC Marathon.       



Download a printable resume here.          Download a printable headshot here.