Graduate School


I believe that the graduate school audition process is a fantastic opportunity to grow as an actor and to take charge of your life as an artist.  This is a time to begin to decide what kind of artist you want to be and a chance to practice the skills that an actor needs to thrive.  Approaching the process this way will not only put you in a strong position to attend a great program; it will allow you to go into the auditions with a clarity for what you seek so that you not only get great training - you get the training that is best for you as an individual. 

I will take the time to get to know you and help you develop audition material that reflects who are as a person and the kind of work you are interested in cultivating over years of training.  Together, we will work to create a plan for the audition cycle that will put you in a strong position to attend the drama school of your choice, but more importantly that will help you grow as an actor over the next few months and begin to feel a sense of ownership over your creative work no matter the results.  If nothing else, you will come out of the process feeling that you've grown as an actor and an auditioner, and you'll have four great audition pieces to add to you repertoire. 

As I coach I can offer help through the following services:

- Selecting Pieces

I will help you find material that speaks to you and that reflects who you truly are as a person and artist.

- Staging your pieces

I will offer guidance for self-direction and and help you build an audition package that seeks spontaneity in favor of an  over-rehearsed or "frozen" performance.

- A mock audition

I will provide a chance for you to experience the flow of the audition day, including callbacks, a song, and interview, and we will talk about methods of handling the stress of the audition day.  

- Essay support and advice

In addition to my work as an actor, I am a skilled writer and editor.  I would be happy to be an outside eye for your essay.

- Audition Day Support

I will make myself available the day of your audition in case any questions come up or just to be a sounding board for encouragement and support.

- The post-audition haze

A "de-pressurize" session to discuss possible callbacks, choices between schools, or next steps in the process.